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EmSigma is an e-learning portal that helps companies train their taskforce and employees enhance their skillset.

From small startups and SMEs to large corporate giants, every company can harness the full potential of corporate training with EmSigma.

Affordable costs, appealing courseware and acknowledged assessments with certification are the forte of EmSigma.

EmSigma is an offshoot of the Kaivale Technologies. Backed by the sound experience and able expertise of Kaivale Technologies, EmSigma endeavours to make corporate training easy nd effortless for every company and employees.

The strength of EmSigma lies in its ability to cater to the training needs of various business segments and creating customized training models for them.

Companies have the option of opting for either complete training or only assessments as per their need.

Employees have the option of taking courses at various levels depending on their requirement and level of understanding.

Companies can also choose from the course and make their own modules.

At EmSigma, We educate, enlighten and help you excel!

  • Customized courseware
  • Easy-to-use modules
  • Industry-centric training
  • Scaleable training
  • Effective assessment
  • Instant certification

Our Clients

From Aerospace to Automobiles, from IT to Food & Beverage, there is one client of ours in every industry.

EmSigma has been able to cater to such varied business segments owing to its expert team of diverse professionals with endless experience. We have built our LMS platform in such a way that every industry can take advantage for it for corporate training. We also take care to see that we offer extensive and exhaustive training modules pertinent to each industry. This is the reason why our clients are happy with us.

Yes, our clients are immensely satisfied with not only our product offering but our service delivery and customer support. Our long list of clients has grown mainly through word-of-mouth and good referrals.

We are eternally grateful to the list of loyal clients and patrons who continue to work with us even today.

Our Best of


Features of EmSigma training module
  • Automated training and assessment
  • Industry and Role based content
  • Individual and Team training
  • Assigns courses to learners and teams
  • Uses audio, video, and AI tools for training
  • Portable training module with multi-device functionality
  • Allows collaboration with other online communities and social media sites, chat and discussion forums
  • Dashboards to view individual and team progress with comparison
  • Automatic progress tracking and reporting
  • Adjusts course as per transfers and promotion of learners
  • Easy updation of course content as per changes in corporate guidelines
  • Awards badges and certificates to trainees on completion
  • Authorizes/restricts access to courses
  • Collects feedback from learners and collates them into reports
  • Enables cross-team comprehension of members from different locations
  • Maintains uniformity of courseware across all locations
  • Eliminates expenses incurred otherwise for mentors, travel, training kits, study material, etc.
  • Interactive module guarantees better understanding and improves efficiency
  • Available 24*7 anytime, anywhere
Features of EmSigma assessments
  • Tiered assessments
  • Objective assessments with instant grading
  • Exhaustive database of questions
  • Portable assessments that can be taken from any location
  • Interesting questions based on real time cases
  • Instant certification

Our Engaging Courses at EmSigma

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Our Success Story
at EmSigma

Our success lies not only in the customized training solutions we offer but also on the commitment we have towards rendering the training. Our dedicated efforts have borne fruit as a long list of happy clientele who continue to work with us and refer us to others.

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What Our
Happy Clients Say

It comes down to how our clients experiences the EmSigma – and how that makes happy to their needs.

For long, we had been grappling with the burden of training our taskforce periodically. Ever since we found EmSigma, training is just a breeze!
Peter McGrath
Finding a training module tailored to our needs was next to impossible until we found EmSigma. Now, we can train our task force exactly in the way we want
Sarah Ferguson

What Our
Happy Students Say

It comes down to how our students or employees experiences the EmSigma – and how that makes happy for improving their skills.

I have attended many training sessions and workshops. But none were as interactive or interesting as EmSigma’s
Pierre Marcel
Training with EmSigma has been both informative and interactive. Thanks to EmSigma, training is no longer a torture but a treat!
Cathy Timberly

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